How much can I tow with your bumper?

Xpert Bumpers are the toughest on the market. 

Mini trucks are rated for 500 lbs. We suggest in each individual case that you refer to your manufacturer’s bed capacity specification as a guideline for a general weight limit, as most kei-class trucks were not built with a hitch or towing capacity in mind.

This is where we stepped in, to offer an aftermarket accessory to individuals like you looking to get more use and function from your mini truck. A number of customers have reported that our bumpers are far more than capable of surpassing that 500 lb threshold with ease.

We engineer and manufacture Xpert Bumpers to offer you the most in resilience, strength, and versatility of use whether that be to tow, hook up a winch to get yourself out of mud, snow, or water as well as a strong point to hook up a recovery strap. 


How do I know if my Xpert Bumper will fit?

All Xpert designed products are carefully engineered using state of the art 3D scanning equipment. You can be sure that Xpert Accessories strive for a perfect fit every time.

We recognize that due to factors like vehicle use case and accident history, not all installs will be the same. Some modifications may be needed to allow for a successful install.

To see images of Xpert Bumper fitment examples, check out our home page.


How do I know if my bumper will be made well?

Xpert’s high quality, heavy duty bumpers are the epitome of rugged durability and expert craftsmanship. These bumpers are carefully optimized by Xpert Design Engineers and manufactured with state of the art equipment by people who believe in striving for excellence.


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