Welcome to Xpert Accessories.com!

We have been working hard with help from local industry experts to provide you with superior high-quality parts and accessories that will help you take your Mini Truck to the next level.

Xpert Accessories custom manufactures reliable, tough, bolt on ready-to-go parts that will turn your standard mini truck into a functional utility and excellent off-road vehicle. From towing, winching, pulling, pushing or dragging, Xpert Accessories will not let you down!

Everything we do is custom and built in-house!

It starts with state-of-the-art Engineering.

Using precision portable scanners, we 3D scan the trucks and import those scan models into our 3D CAD software. Our experienced engineers begin the initial design work. After the designs pass through digital simulations, they are rendered for final approvals and sent into prototype manufacturing.

Prototype and Manufacturing.

Manufacturing starts with raw sheets of steel that are precision cut to exact measurements on our high-quality fiber lasers. After a quick inspection, the lasered parts that need forming are bent using precision CNC Press Brakes. After another inspection, parts are sent over to welding and final assembly. Welding is completed using our state-of-the-art Auto-Set™ Elite Pulsed MIG and TIG welders.

After manufacturing parts go through a final inspection and then off to finishing.

Finishing is completed by sandblasting and powder coating. After sandblasting, the parts enter a 5-stage wash where they get cleaned, rinsed, and coated to resist corrosion. This process prepares the parts for powder.

After being washed, they enter the dryer. This process ensures the parts are completely dry and free of residue. Finally, the parts are sent into the Paint Booth where the items get powder coated and baked for finishing.

Testing- why build such a strong bumper?

Our testing processes are extreme to make sure our Xpert accessories never let you down or fail when you need them most. You may ask, “why would you design a bumper that is so strong and heavy duty for a mini truck that only has a tongue weight capable of several hundred pounds?”

The answer is simple. Because we know our customers want to customize their trucks with winches, lift kits, larger off-road tires, tracks, plows etc. If you get your truck stuck or want to pull out another vehicle that is stuck in the snow, ice or mud we promise our parts can handle extreme forces without failure.